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>> good morning to you. i am heather nauert. >> i am ainsley earhardt. it is tuesday january the 8th. thank you for watching "fox & friends first". >> top stories making news at this hour. timothy geithner is getting ready to cash out as treasury secretary. now we know who will likely replace them. fox news is confirming president obama is expected to nominate jack lieu the white house chief of staff in that position. it will likely happen by next week. they will have to confront the debt ceiling. lew was white house director back in 2011. the search will resume this morning for two teenagers who fell through a frozen lake in new jersey. neighbors say they heard people yelling for help last night. they saw the boys struggling down in the water.
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two neighbors tried to help the boys but they had to turn back because it was too dangerous. crews searched for hours last night. so far no signs of the boys. the preliminary hearings for the accused gunman in colorado continues today. haunting details about the july hooting were revealed including that holmes bought his movie ticket 12 days before the movie. veteran officers fought back tears as they described stepping over their victims inside that theater and rushing them to the hospital. dozens of survivors and victim's families packed into the courthouse. for many it was the first time facing that shooter. stress. honestly you sit there and look at a person when you see there's no more humanity left any more you don't look at them as a pesh. >> officers said when they looked at holmes he was detached and calm.
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the hearing could last all week. >> there isn't a timetable set for when doctors will release former president george h.w. bush from the hospital. we do know this. he is loving his football. his recovery is continuing where in recent days he is taking pride watching football wins by texas a&m and houston texans. he has a cough complications including a fever. crimson tide is on a role. number 2 alabama crushing notre dame 42-14. lacy was named mvp. his girlfriend stealing the shows in the stand. alabama. second straight title and third in four years. head coach now with four
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national championships. that is your 5@5:00. fox news alert the only suspect in custody on the attack in benghazi has been released. ordering the release of ali karzai. four americans were killed including the u.s. ambassador to libya. we will be hearing from secretary clinton on the benghazi attack. returning to work after a month of battling health issues. molly henneberg has more on this. >> when she will testify we don't know. but the state department says she will. congress is in recess until january 21st. so presumably sometime shortly after that. >> she will testify, she will testify while she is still sitting secretary of state. she is prepared to do it in open session if that's what the committees would like. my understanding is that's what they would like.
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obviously we are still talking to them. secretary clinton returned to work yesterday after a rough december where she dealt with a bad stomach virus severe dehydration a concussion and a blood clot. a bit of humor giving her a helmet and a jersey and telling her quote washington is quote a contact sport. she was working by phone including phone conversations with her likely replacement democratic senator john kerry. president obama nominated him to be the next secretary of state after clinton stepped down after four years on the job. >> she has been talking to him virtually nonstop. daily phone calls a number of phone calls. he is not in the building today but as i said last week she is 100 percent committed to having the smoothest possible
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transition and she will be available as much as he needs her. secretary clinton has said she and senator kerry are working on ways to implement the recommendations of the independent review board studying the benghazi attacks which criticized leadership and management in parts of the state department. >> thank you, molly. we are hearing from general stanley mcchrystal. the four star general became the highest ranking military officer in afghanistan as commander of u.s. forces ain't national security assistance force. in his memoir my share of the task he details his 30 year career and talks about some of the controversy. many of you will remember the controversies in a moenlt. you will hear his take on the unexpected resignation following his interview with rolling stones magazine which the general and staff criticized vice president biden and other white house officials. talk about this the recent
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shake-up of the national security team brought a whole lot of controversial nominations. last night on hannity mcchrystal offered his opinion on the president's nominees. >> i think first i don't judge the cabinet selections in quite the same way. some people do by policy. i think the most important thing is that tdid the president trus them. the president will be responsible for the direction in which the administration goes. the cabinet has to be cohesive team that operates together. it is important they have bonds of trust that operates as a single team. >> mcchrystal also talking to hannity about his abrupt resignation. in june of 2010 president obama accepted the general's resignation after the release of a rolling stone article. that article highlighting some of the general's comments to the staff about the president and
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his administration. those comments caused controversy. for some that thought he was being critical of the commander-in-chief. here's his take on the situation. >> oo we did a number of media engagements through out the time i was there. one of the things i had to do was explain the war in afghanistan to people in europe, to afghans, to american leaders, but also to families. people whose sons and daughters were fighting. they had a right to that transparency. we gave access to a wide variety of media to improve periodic enbeds. the rolling stone was one of those inbeds. in this particular case the account that that reporter produced was very different from my interpretation of events or the nature of my staff who i have extraordinary regard for. listen, i was a commander. when you are in command, whether you like the outcome or not you accept responsibility. that's what i did. >> taking responsibility there.
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for more from general mcchrystal this thursday we will join him live at 8:20 a.m. eastern time. >> it's time for your first degree weather update with maria molina. good morning maria. you have another storm this one is in the south. >> this is a storm we mentioned yesterday that was impacting parts of the southwest is relatively weak but now it is getting it's act together producing areas of heavy rain across southern texas and eastern texas. this is a big storm. over the next couple days we will be tracking it for possible of flooding across these areas and also for possible severe weather. we could be looking at isolated tornadoes occurring across parts of eastern texas. we will keep you posted. across parts of the midwest northeast and even in the southeast quiet weather good day for traveling. temperatures actually more than 10 degrees above average for many people here in new york city. we are talking about highs making it into the upper 40s as we head to the afternoon hours. good news for people in the
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northeast. otherwise pacific northeast and rockies stormy weather rain, snow still a foot of snow in the washington cascades. an avalanche danger is in mrooirs there. take a look at the next several days 4 inches of rain and some places could be seeing up to 10 inches of rain. that's why we are so concerned about flooding out here even though we need the moisture. some of the rainfall will come in the form of rainfall with tornadoes possible. >> stories you can bank on this morning. investors are preparing for a rough week on wall street as the earnings reports for 2012 are starting to come out. lauren simonetti has a look ahead. >> what's the explanation for such a crummy third quarter. >> it will be the fourth quarter. they are going to blame everything from super storm sandy to the fiscal cliff.
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fourth quarter earning season kicks off with alcoa after the closing bell today. they will be looking at how many of the nation's biggest companies fared end of last year also to 2012. here are the expectations for growth. for earnings growth we are expecting to see that rise according to thompson router 2.8 percent on 1.9 percent revenue growth that is better than third quarter but mediocre at best. betting on business travel is supposed to go up. >> good signs for the economy. business travel is up 4.6 pirs. that's the expectation for 2013. we are talking 267 billion according to the global business travel association. businesses are finding it worth it to spend money to send workers on the road. for every dollar spent of core rat travel businesses usually realize $20 additional. >> you have to get out there in front of clients. anheuser-busch got a new beer
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coming out. >> in time for super bowl unveiling black crown it will hit store shelves a golden amber lauger will cost 14 percent more than regular beer. we might see one if not two super bowl ads for the new beer. the brew master this is a sneak peak. >> it is supposed to be a little stronger beer. >> stronger, darker. >> early for beer right now. 11 minutes after the hour. coming up this guy thought he was the luckiest man in the world. turns out this lottery winner may have been really unlucky after all. we will tell you about what happened to him. monday morning spent in reverse. a packed escalator suddenly changes direction leaving a whole bunch of people injured. we will give you a live report
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coming up. take a look at the gas prices national average is 3.30. te ink retailer in america. now t $6 back in staples rewards for every ink cartridge you recyc when you spend $50 on hp in staples. th was easy.
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>> the fbi renewing the search for the victims two men known as the speed freak killer. they got that name after an ladies and gentlemened methamphetamine killing spree back in the 90s. forensic experts will spend the next few weeks digging up a well where they found possible remains. the iranian christian pastor reraised on christmas after serving 3 years in prison is now free once again. he faced a possible death
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sentence for refusing to renounce his christian faith. >> what would you do if the escalator you were on suddenly switched directions. look at this right here. >> they are trying to go up and this thing starts going down. that's what happened to these commuters. the up escalator suddenly reversed really fast. we are live in jersey sty with more on this bizarre story. we were so interested we had to go to you live. >> nothing like getting monday morning off on the right foot. riders are hoping today's commute a little less eventful than yesterday. we are going to show you the video again. it is amazing the things caught on tape. take a look at this. a malfunctioning escalator in jersey city. inexplicably changes directions mid route. it caused panic momentary chaos here. people were trying to fight it. many people surprisingly were
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trying to still walk up the escalator instead of going with it. others tried to jump off of it. it also caused a huge pileup at the bottom of the escalator. this thing 80 feet off the ground. this is amazing what happened here. take a listen to some of the riders explain what they saw and what happened here yesterday. >> it was like going on a free fall but with people on it everyone yelling everyone started looking worried. >> i jumped on to the side the gap between the two escalators. i was stuck there for a minute. people were siding past me. i could see people piling up at the bottom. >> port authority is investigating whether or not this was caused by super storm sandy because this entire station was inundated with water. they have shut down that escalator. people are going to come here today. they have to take the stairs all 128 of them.
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tuesday commute off on the right foot. >> teresa, thanks so much. folks were hurt but fortunately no one died. 18 minutes after the hour. we will tell you about this. you don't know what to do with your money in the new year vera gibbons is going to tell us what to do. >> tourists caught in the middle of a stampede of dolphins. a sight at sea you have to see to believe.
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>> a suspect in the disturbing plot of the bombing system pleading not guilty in court. he is accused of plotting to target britain and norway. the terror suspect was denied bail and faces another court hearing on march the 7th. listen to this one. the state of illinois is now moving closer to granting temporary driver's licenses to illegal immigrants. a house committee advancing the bill in that state. it would give about 250,000 illegal immigrants three-year renewable licenses. the plan creates safety problems. ainsley? >> thank you, heather. each new year brings its own set of trends. that includes in the financial world as well. what will be in and what will be
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out. let's have vera gibbons. >> what's in and what's out when it comes to money? >> plastic are in. people are charging up a storm. late payments are up delinquencies are up balance is up. this is expect to do continue. look at the forecasting from transunion credit reporting agency. credit is being extended to people who don't have that great of credit. they are getting the cards extending those offers with riskyer borrowers. what's out is cash. people don't have cash. they are relying on plastic for everything from big ticket items to everyday expenses. >> lots of people are relying on the credit card. >> what about unemployment. what's in and what's out? >> contract work, that stuff is in. that's about 20 percent of the work for us today. that number is expect to do continue to grow. companies like it that way. no nothing. this is the new norm.
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what else is full-time employment. people can't find full-time employment so they are forced to take on the projects with freelance work to get by. >> as far as banks are concerned what's in and what's out? >> credit unions are in. they are growing in popularity. people like the experience the kinder gentler experience higher rates on deposits lower rates on loans, better customer service. big banks are out. people don't like the big banks they are tied up to fees and sneakyness. they are tired of nickel and diming. what about real estate? >> home ownership is in. >> people don't have cash yet they are still buying homes? >> mortgage rates at record lows affordability is off the charts. if you look an atnal sis it makes more financial sense to buy than it does to rent. you can break even in a couple years in a lot of the florida market miami, fort lauderdale. out is renting. rent has gone up they are continuing to go up.
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all about supply and demand. glut ten proposal pushed people into rentals. they are up 20 percent the past couple years. >> it depends on the city. >> good point, amy. >> new york 20 percent down to buy an apartment still half a million dollars. >> then you look at the rentals in new york they are absolutely ridiculous. >> i agree. retail what's in and what's out? >> buying local is in. people like to support the local economy. they want to keep it in their local community. buying fresh food from the local guy. what's out is buying from china. a lot of people don't like that these days. they would rather stick to putting money in our economy here. >> buy in the usa. >> thank you vera. good to see you this morning. it is 25 after the top of the hour. coming up he won the lottery only to die a day later. yikes. but this might not be a case of bad luck. why investigators are now examining his body.
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talk about a rough landing. a student pilot learns what it is like to land with just one wheel. a student pilot. but first on this day in history back in 1962. leonardo da vinci mona lisa is exhibited for the first time in the u.s. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. your soups are so awesomely delicious my husband and i can't stop eating 'em! what's...that... on your head? can curlers! tomato basil, potato with bacon... we've got a lot of empty cans. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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>> welcome back to fox and friends first. i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather nauert. >> it is half past the hour. it is 250i7 for t-- time for th 5@5:30. the head of the mass sony fashion house vanished off the coast of venezuela. they have reached out to the italian ministry to find him. a new theory hazem merged he and the five others were kidnapped. a family member of one of the passengers claim they receive add text message from that person one night ago. >> casey anthony will try to move her four lying charges to one. she was found not guilty of murdering her 2-year-old daughter. she was found guilty of lie to go detectives about leaving the
2:32 am
girl with the baby-sitter. she also lied to police at working at universal studios. her lawyers are saying all of the lies should be con one offense not multiple defenses. miss se she will not be at the hearing. >> john mccain is speaking out about google chairman eric schmidt's trip to north korea. schmidt is there along with brichl arvedson. mccain borrowing a term from the former communist leader vladimir linen. he arrived in north korea today. lennon used to call them useful idiots. state department says it is wrong to visit weeks after the controversial rocket launch. he scored a $1 million lottery win back in june. the aafter he got the winning the check was issued then he mysteriously died. at first his dearth was believe
2:33 am
to be from natural causes but now the medical examiner says he was poisoned with cyanide. his body will likely be exhumed. >> they thought they were going to see whales but they saw much more than that. >> holy cow. >> that is about a thousand of the dolphins. that's a lot giving passengers on board a whale watching safari in california quite a show. dolphin stampede are said to be very rare and often happen without a warning. so neat. it doesn't even look real. >> beautiful. >> that's your 5@5:30. >> switch gears now. multiple battles are brewing for president obama this morning as he begins to round out his team for the second term. the picks of republicans and democrats voicing their objections. let's talk about doug luzader
2:34 am
about this. >> good morning. this may be an effort by the president to almost overwhelm congress simultaneous nominations to prevent any one of them from flowing up. two of them we know about. a third should be coming relatively soon. the president stood shoulder to shoulder with two of his newist nominees on the left for secretary of defense former republican senator chuck hagel and on the right white house counter-terrorism advisor john brennan who has been tapped to head the cia. >> these two leaders have dedicated their lives to protecting our country. i am confident they will do an outstanding job. i urge the senate to confirm them as soon as possible so we can keep our nation secure and the american people safe. >> in the days to come it is expected the president will try to make his current chief of staff lack -- jack lew the treasury secretary. he has a contentious
2:35 am
relationship with capitol hill. he will have to talk about the debt creeling and spending cuts. he is sure to answer questions about the time he spent in the cia and the role he played in enhanced terror methods and legal questions surrounding drone attacks. the most difficult nominations will almost surely be chuck hagel for defense. his comments about israel and talks with iran are already angering some senate republicans. if the white house runs into trouble with these three, the one guy that may have the relative cake walk here as far as his confirmation is concerned is senator john kerry who has been taped by the president to become the next secretary of state succeeding hillary kr clinton. let's get the first degree weather update with lovely maria molina. >> she is here with a look
2:36 am
atlanta storm brewing -- look am in the south. >> we have a brand new storm system impacting texas and mid mississippi valley. it will be producing a lot of heavy rain. that's why we are looking at a flooding concern. the good news today with the weather is we are experiencing mild temperatures in places like the northeast. new york city the high temperature today at 47 degrees. rapid city 45 degrees for your high temperature and 50 into the 50s as we head into the afternoon in denver and colorado. looking at mild air in place. the storm system across texas already starting to reduce isolated showers across the eastern part of the state also areas in brownsville southern tip of texas. we are looking at a lot of heavy rain over the next several days associated with the storm system across eastern texas northern louisiana and places in sashing saw. the purple you see could be areas looking at 8 inches of rain.
2:37 am
a lot of heavy rain with the storm system. some of the rain could come in the form of severe weather with large hail damaging wind gusts and even isolated tornadoes possible. heads up if you live in brownsville or austin or houston you could be looking at severe weather as we head into the afternoon hours. otherwise current temperatures starting off on a chilly note. it is january 19th degrees right now. maria molina, thank you so much. >> one football team is on top of the world this morning. but it's a grim morning for another team with news that it might be months before the big super star player is back on the field. brian kilmeade is here with the latest from the world of sports. >> you are up earlier than normal. >> normally i would be sound asleep. you owe me a favor. creme son dynasty. alabama winning the third national title in four-year. that's what the league refer to do. the number two ranked walked in favor crushing notre dame who
2:38 am
played like a high school team. aj mccarron sending four touchdowns. this was over in the first quarter. if you tloins the announcers mccarron's girlfriend was the star of the show. >> you quarterbacks you get all of the good looking women. what a beautiful woman. >> wow. >> aj is doing some things right. >> if you are a youngster in alabama start getting the football out and throw around in the backyard. >> quarterback is getting the best woman. they are talking about katherine web. she is ms. alabama. 70-year-old something brett mussberger is infatuated. she goes to auburn. the pain gets worse for redskins fans. reports say rookie quarterback has a partial acl and lcl tears in his right knee. he may need exploratory surgery to determine the extent of the damage. he could miss up to 12 months.
2:39 am
they will meet with dr. andrews today to find out for sure. mike shanahan facing plenty of criticism for playing his super star rookie but defended his call. >> i am not going to take a chance on his career to win a game. but i also know when you got the belief in a guy and you feel he can play at a certain level and a doctor is telling you that he is okay to go in, then you got to do what you think is right. >> rg 3 is tweeting this. been in the line of fire in battle i thank god for perspective and because of that i appreciate support from everyone. i also appreciate criticism when adversity strikes you you respond in one of two-ways you step aside and give in or you step up and fight that. seems to me more than 144 characters but rg 3 has special rules. does this all lead to your brew on this question? >> thank you. what a great lead in.
2:40 am
sounds like he has a great attitude. thank you brian for that. it leads us to our brew on this question. do you think the redskins compromised rg 3 safety? send the comments over to us. we would love to read them. you can tweet them to us at fox friends first or shoot us an e-mail at fox friends first we of course will read some of those later in the show. >> it is now about 20 minutes before the top of the hour. obama sold his healthcare law saying it would bring down costs for all of us. why are more young people seeing health insurance premiums on the rise? >> talk about wedding crashers. they were supposed to sore off into the sunset. instead this wedding party, you want to see this. this happy couple used capital one venture miles for their "destination wedding." double miles you can "actually" use. but with those single mile travel cards... [ bridesmaid ] blacked out... but i'm a bridesmaid.
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oh! "x" marks the spot she'll never sit. but i bought a dress! a toast... the capital one venture card. fly any airline, any flight, anytime. double miles you can actually use. what a coincidence? what's in your wallet? [ all screaming ] watch the elbows ladies.
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firefighter the spent more than 3 hours putting out the fire that consumed a mall there. which don't know if any one was hurt in this. the fire may have started from a welding accident. >> finally to australia. the training wheels are off. literally. take a look at this. student pilots forced to land his plane with one wheel missing. it apparently fell off after he took off in the plane. the flight instructor talked to 21-year-old student down through the radio that's how they gave him the advice. >> i would be tear fied. when the president proposed
2:45 am
healthcare reform he promised it would cut costs for all of us for americans. obama care may not be such a saving grace for young people. here to explain is fox business network diane mass is heed dau. >> an affordable care act division linking prices for older and younger patients could mean a 40 percent premium hike. they will only charge older people a maximum of three times what they charge younger people. as a result the report forecasts policyholders age 21 to 29 are looking at a 42 percent hike in premium costs. while those in their 30s can expect to pay 31 percent more. add it up and the authors say almost 4 million people pay more out of pocket insurance even if you account for preem why yous assistance. they pay comparable small
2:46 am
penalty for not having it instead. the higher cost for younger policyholders balances the lower cost for the older ones. young policyholders start dropping out prices go up for everyone. the report adds that eliminating health status as a reigning factor may also increase premiums by 20 percent for those with lower than aying health risks which would effect younger policy hoerlds. while it already started going into effect there are a few things to iron out when it comes to the affordable care act. this study published at contingencies >> thank you, diane. it is now 15 minutes to the top of the hour. coming up next on "the rundown"" forget to take your medicine? it could be no longer a problem after special implant work. this and other medical advances that could change your life. >> let's check in with steve
2:47 am
doocy to see what's coming up on fox and friends later. >> coming up on fox and friends. you know stanley mcchrystal was running the operations in afghanistan before he resigned after the embarrassing article in rolling stone. what was his wife's reaction when he told her he had just resigned. we will play that for you. how to turn unwanted christmas gifts into a little cash? also did you realize some foods can actually reduce your stress? you need some of that. it's only tuesday. we will spill the beans. are beans aren't list? fox and friends starts out 14 minutes from now on the fox news channel.
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>> 10 minutes to the top of the hour. investigators trying to figure out what caused an oil tanker to
2:51 am
crash into the san francisco oakland bay bridge. a barrier surrounding the tower was damaged but the actual bridge was not. the ship it dents but otherwise it was fine. now oil was spilled into the bay. >> new research shows cancer deaths are down. among men the death rate dropped by 1.8 percent a year. between 2000 and 2009 and dropped 1.4 percent among women. treatment and better screening is said to be behind all of the progress. >> great news. we have dr. david sam mome matt talking about new technologies coming forward in 2013 with medical advances. these are fascinating. the first one mri that could help diagnose alzheimer's and d dementia earlier in life? >> it is all about technology.
2:52 am
alzheimer's usually get to the 70s and 80s the brain may not function that much. we are talking about dementia in younger population. there are 30-year-olds and 40-year-olds that may be haifing bizarre repeating words. the mri now we can use this special m rishg to look at the brain look at the gray matter and predict exactly what the diagnosis is. it's changing the entire field of naur yolg. >> it can make a diagnosis at the time but can't look at somebody in the future and say 40 years from now you may have dementia or alzheimer's. >> we are getting a lot of information it's not expensive and not invasive. >> tell us about this. type o-negative blood is the universal donor. there may be a fake blood developed so everybody can be a donor? >> this is amazing. there's a lot of shortage of transfusion. there's a risk of hiv and
2:53 am
hepatitis when it comes to transfusion. using stem cells we are going to be able to take some of the nuclear out. what that means is we are going to have almost limited number of universal blood transfusion in the future. this is being tested in animals in 2014 it will come to clinical trials for humans. very exciting field for transfusion and also reducing the risk of hiv and hepatitis. >> does this come from adult stem cells? >> yes. easier melanoma detection. >> this is my favorite one. much closer to our clinical work. melanoma is a deadly disease. we have over 76,000 people diagnosed with it. the doctors looked at the lesion on the skin. they looked at asem metrics. they look at the border and the color. they look at diameter. they say i am suspicious. how about a scanner you are going to put on the lesion emitting some light it will tell you whether this is high risk
2:54 am
melanoma or not. amazing technology. >> for going the biopsy. >> 98 percent accurate. my favorite technology of the day. >> yoijoint replacement? >> doing the knee replacement it has to use the experience to decide whether the joint is placed properly or not. balance between the soft tissue, muscle, et cetera and ligaments. now you put a sensor that will tell them how it is positioned and it will help them with the recovery afterwards. another sense toor that is goin help the knee replacement patients. >> automatically ds pensed meditations. you put it in your body and it dispenses the meditation. >> almost the size of a usb. instead of a prescription you will get one of the micro chips that has the medication for chronic disease os crows sis, you wear it automatically it gives you the medication and
2:55 am
your doctor can really monitor that and adjust the dosage. >> for an older parent you are not sure if they are taking medication. >> compliance is the key word. well said. >> dr. david samati. i won't be taking your job any time soon. >> it is 6 minutes before the hour. coming up there was this wedding destroyed by wedding crashers literally. we will explain what happened coming up next. >> earlier in the show we told you about people questioning the redskin's coaches decision to play rg 3. we wanted to know if you think the redskins compromised his safety. you should stick around for this one. we will read your responses. that's coming up. : 4*
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>> almost two minutes to the top of the hour. as we look at the good, bad and ugly, first the good.
2:59 am
an overdue pregnant woman gets this bill at red robin. in place of the cost of her meal it says mom-to-be, good luck. isn't that sweet? the manager gave her a free dinner to help cheer her up. and it worked, she said. >> bacon cheeseburger. >> a kangaroo leads police on a wild chase around a parking garage. eventually it was tranquilized and taken to the vet to get checked out. the ugly: this gives a new meaning to wedding crashers. just moments after this couple says "i do" in front of 11 other people inside that hot air balloon, the hot air balloon crashes to the ground in california in a backyard. one person did suffer a minor injury. they're all going to be

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